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If you would like to re-imagine your bathroom by adding a bathtub or shower, you can rely on One Day Bathroom to get the job done right! For over 20 years, we’ve worked with homeowners just like you to help them achieve their bathroom design goals. Whether you’re looking to turn your old shower into a relaxing tub, or a bathtub into a convenient shower, we’ve got the expertise and tools to make sure your Pittsburgh bath conversion is completed flawlessly. 

You can choose from our lineup of high-end bath and shower conversion options, including high-end acrylic liners and hardware in a range of different designs, colors, and styles. We want your newly converted bath or shower to fit seamlessly with your existing bathroom decor. That’s why one of our Pittsburgh bath conversion pros will work closely with you to plan your project from start to finish. 

Why convert your bath or shower? 

If you feel stuck with an old tub or shower that you would rather not use, then One Day Bathroom can help! We offer affordable bath and shower conversions in Pittsburgh and beyond. That means we can seamlessly convert your tub into a shower, or vice versa. 

Here are a few of the many benefits of Pittsburgh bath conversion service: 

  • Make your bathroom feel bigger and roomier: If your current tub or shower takes up too much space in your bathroom, it can make the whole room feel cramped and uncomfortable. We can open up the entire room by replacing your old bath with a smaller, more streamlined unit. Ask us about our bath-and-shower combos! 
  • Enhance the comfort of your bathing experience: Choose from large soaking tubs and comfortable shower-and-tub combo units to make your home bathing experience more spa-like. 
  • Streamline your morning routine: There’s no denying that bathtubs are the kings of bathroom comfort, but they’re not the most practical option for getting ready in the morning. We can convert your tub into a shower or a sleek combo unit so you can experience the best of both worlds! 
  • Age comfortably in place: Stepping into a steep, slippery bathtub can be difficult for those of us who are older or mobility impaired. That’s we offer walk-in tubs to make bathing comfortable, safe, and easy. Our walk-in tubs feel low thresholds and grab bars to maximize your comfort. 

Questions about bath conversions in Pittsburgh? Our bath remodelers would be happy to answer them for you–just call 412-738-0603!

Pittsburgh Bathtub Conversion Services by One Day Bathroom

If you think your bathroom would look and feel better with a converted tub or shower, look no further than the team at One Day Bathroom. We have a wide selection of bath and shower conversion options to choose from. Whatever you choose, you can look forward to a stylish, comfortable design made of long-lasting material. 

One Day Bathroom provides the following bath conversion services in Pittsburgh:

  • Tub to shower conversions: Would your old bathtub be better off as a shower where you can do quick, convenient wash-ups in the morning? One Day Bathroom will convert your tub into a shower with your choice of hardware and surround!  
  • Shower to tub conversions: When you convert a shower into a tub, you can look forward to taking long, relaxing soaks at home. 
  • Combination bath and shower units: If you’d like the best of both worlds, One Day Bathroom has the perfect solution for you! Let us install a shower-and-tub combo unit in your Pittsburgh home. 

For Expert Bath Conversions in Pittsburgh, Call One Day Bathroom!

If you think your bath would look and feel it’s best with a bath or shower conversion, call One Day Bathroom. During the free in-home consultation, we’ll discuss your bathroom design goals, take measurements, and offer expert suggestions on how to achieve the comfort experience you’re envisioning. Plus, we’ll do it at a competitive price! Just take a look at our many 5-star reviews and you will quickly see why One Day Bathroom is considered one of the best bath conversion companies in Pittsburgh.

Ready to start your bath remodel? So are we! Call us at 412-738-0603 or submit the form on our website to get your free price estimate for bath conversions in Pittsburgh.

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